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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A convert problem?

Salam alykum all,
 I often wonder if I am the only convert who doesn't fit in with a "tribe".
I have a bit of social anxiety and I am not involved in things as I used to be. My two small boys are super active (even my sons DI therapist said they are both super active) and it makes it hard to go out and make friends, because their kids are calm, mean while mine are tearing everything up. *alhamdullilah*
Anyway, I sometimes feel like I don't belong anywhere. I am Muslim, but I am a white Muslim convert. I wear a headscarf and practice hijab.. not every Muslim woman wears a scarf, some don't even practice hijab at all, wearing short skirts, etc. Great for them!
My kids are super active. Non-stop all day. If they sit down, it's because they are tired from jumping on their trampoline, the couch, running after each other, eating, you get the drift.. My youngest takes a nap, and sometimes that means my oldest will as well, or just sit still. I don't want to take them to other peoples houses because of this. Maybe it's a cop out, some of it anxiety. Just feel a bit lonely.
Don't get me wrong, I still have great friends who support me from afar, but Texas is a long way from New Jersey.
I keep busy by planning Ramadan waaay in advance, making cards to send out for Ramadan and keeping busy with the kids, I suppose, as they get older, they will learn to take care of themselves in some ways and attend school full time. That will give me some time to go back to work, and do things that I seem almost impossible to get done, but get done, even if it takes a month..
If you have no help (no family/relatives close by) and you have littles back to back, You understand what I am saying.
Anyway, thanks for letting me vent! A little inward reflection is good. Keeps me on the straight path, and lets me see my short comings as a person.
Love Allah, stay humble and make duaa!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Getting Ramadan ready!

Salam alykum y'all!
 I can't believe that Ramadan is a few short weeks away, in shaa'Allah! subhan'Allah!
 I have been prepping all week and decided to make a new, easy to print Ramadan 2017 Calendar!
 Pinterest is also full of wonderful ideas!
 Please let me know what you do to get Ramadan ready?!

Monday, August 15, 2016

5 years a Muslim

Salam alykum ladies and gents, I've been Muslim 5 years, via the hijri calendar as of the second day or Ramadan. Subhan'Allah, it's been a trip. Traipsing through the heavily cultural influenced "Islam", "hislam", and just plain Islam. My inability to memorize the last section of prayer, but trying to finish it this year and focusing on it a lot during this Ramadan (2016). Having two kids in the span of 19 months, with an icu stay for me and a Nicu stay for my youngest sons birth. No family to help during recovery and really trying to say alhamdullilah. I know there are women who cannot have children (my adopted mom comes to mind), women who suffer miscarriages and many others who suffer. Helping my oldest with his speech delays, and now he's speaking in two languages. It's been a ride, a complicated, painful, and beautiful one so far. May Allah forgive me for my shortcomings and sins that I know about and those unknown to me. May he make me a better person, wife, mom. May he give me more sabr and happiness. Ameen May Allah bless the ummah, get rid of isis/isil/al qadea and any others who claim to be Muslim but are completely going against the Quran and teaching from Prophet Mohamed. Ameen I wish everyone a beautiful and peace filled day, month, year and lifetime. Stay blessed, in shaa'Allah! ✌ Salam, K

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Family hiking!

Salam alykum ladies and gents!

I hope this post finds you well and in a good mood! in shaa'Allah! (God willing) :)

 So I am going to make this a general post, nothing too Islamic about it, but more family friendly for the general public.

Hubby, baby T and I went on a hike. Baby T is now 7 months, masha'Allah (May Allah bless him and protect him from harm) and I really realllllllly needed to go out. You know, get some fresh air, see some green and feel the dirt beneath my feet.

I planned the hike, got us organized and hubby wore the baby bjorn carrier ( not paid for ad by them!!).
We did a little over two miles, on an easy family hike. Literally, if you have kids and want to go on a hike in lower upstate New York this is one of the few gems and after you hike you can picnic near the lake!

So lets get into the nitty gritty.

This hike is fairly easy, but some parts will take some patience with kids and maybe some adults. We went slower than our usual because we had precious cargo with us (baby T), the hike took us about 2 hours with occasional stops for water.

Please make sure, when facing Lake Skannatati, you look to your right for the trails. Of the two trails, take the left green/teal marker. It starts off a little rocky, but smooths out for the most part. If you go during the summer, make sure to take mosquito repellent, and/or wear light long sleeved clothes.

As you can see from the map above, it starts to get higher in elevation, but I really couldn't feel it.  If we had known that this did not circle the lake (like I thought I had seen on the map, ha!), we would have stopped shorter, as the part we go too start to narrow and you do not want to go past that point, especially with kids!!

This is what the stopping point looks like:

Please, when you start to see this (if you have kids) do not go past the top, where there is a nice resting area on top of a few large rocks. You will see a bunch of bushes start, as you climb up to the rocks, after that it gets narrow as you see to the left and it's not pleasant.

After this point, we found a break in the bushes and looked at the map, realizing it does not circle around the lake, sadly! :( I hope that the awesome trail group, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference ladies and guys can make one! As I think that would have been a really great hike, and about the same distance.

If you need maps, they offer them on their website (click her for maps) or check out their Amazon store  (this will take you to the map for this specific hike!).

Let me know if you do this with your family! Would love feedback! Dogs are allowed on a leash on this trail, please take bags to pick up after your dog if they go near the trail, as you do not want any fellow hikers to step in something! *hint hint* :)

Here are some pics from the trail, enjoy!

So pretty! This one above and to the left were taken at around 1/4 way into the hike in the same area!
Love the big boulders! So amazing!! 

Aaah, smell the fresh air, feel the dirt beneath your feet. Life is good!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for another hike in the next couple of months, this time we are heading to Deleware Water Gap, in shaa'Allah (God willing)  for another easy family hike, but with a TON of history behind it! :D :D

Salam for now! :D 
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting Ramadan ready!!

Salam alykum y'all!

I hope you are doing well!! Just wanted to post up some of my creations that I use during Ramadan. You can also find older posts from last year and as soon as I get new decor up, I will make a post. Please not, there is only 14 days left until Ramadan, in shaa'Allah! So don't wait to start, get your kiddos involved or dedicate an hour a day to getting Ramadan ready.

You can use this calendar to plan meals, use it separately to plan activities, or iftaar dates! :)

 If you happen to use them in a blog, please credit me! Thanks!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 3-month mark..

Salam alykum,
 I hope you all are doing well. My son has turned 3 months, alhamdullilah and I feel like life has been better with him. He is sleeping longer and feeding better, alhamdullilah and when he is awake, i love talking to him, reading to him ,etc.

I hope, in shaa'Allah (God willing), that every couple is able to experience being a parent, who wants kids. It is a challenge, I wont lie. You have a tiny human who is fully dependent upon you for nourishment, love and care. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no vacation unless a family member baby sits, or you can find a sitter you trust. :)  

Your marriage also takes on a new role, you both are parents, lack of sleep happens and compromise is in order. The house wont look perfect, the laundry wont get folded, and things that are supposed to happen, don't. Men will say that the wife is forgetting about him, however, I find this a very selfish statement. Your spouse just gave birth, either through a c-section or vaginally. Her body needs at least 40 days to heal and she will continue to heal beyond that, as dr's do not recommend having children with 18 months of either vagianl or c-section birth.. and beyond that, she is exhausted, especially if she is breastfeeding.  Most of the time the husband is the bread winner, so he is at work. The mother is the one who is full-time raising the baby, and she has little time to do much of anything in the first 3 months.

Truthfully, most women are lucky if they get a shower or two in a week, brush their teeth daily and apply deodorant daily, let alone try and fix themselves up for their husband. Not saying there aren't women out there who don't do this, but for many women it is a combination of the above.

Husbands, please don't think your wife loves you any less, or that she doesn't want to spend time with you. Sometimes after a women gives birth, her hormones are so out of whack that she cannot think about other things she could be doing with her husband because she would rather sleep, or take a shower and brush her teeth, or read a book without anyone around her. Yes, it may seem selfish, but you both decided to take on the parent roll when you decided to have a baby, give and take is essential and if you can get a family member to take the baby, then do it. Or find a trusted baby sitter so that you and your wife can have a night out and some fun of any sort. :)

Good luck to all you new mom's and dad's out there, it isn't easy, but raising a pious son or daughter in a happy home is a blessing, alhamdullilah.

May Allah bless our children, guide them on the straight path, show them his mercy, and allow them to love Islam. Ameen

Salam and love,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby, baby, baby, oh baby!!

Salam alykum all!
 No, I promise I am not signing a Just Beiber song, as I don't like him, can we send him back to Canada?? No, I have AMAZING NEWS!!!

Alhamdullilah, I had a baby boy on January 14, 2014!! He is healthy and happy, alhamdullilah.

The birth wasn't easy, I was in labor for 25 hours (start/early to emergency c-section.. 14 hours from water break to emergency c-section) It wasn't the birth that I wanted, but alhamdullilah, we are both okay and healthy and happy. :)
I won't lie and say it was easy to recover (still recovering) from the c-section, nor will I lie and say I didn't cry at the birth I didn't have. I know Allah test us differently, and this was a test for me, but I was still sad and a little hurt that my body couldn't perform the function it was made to do.  People keep saying, ' at least you are both okay and healthy.' Yes, we are, but please don't say this to a c-section mom, especially if she didn't want it. Yes, it is kind of you to say, but she is more than likely upset that she didn't have the birth she wanted and she may also be struggling with breastfeeding,

And that brings up another test. I have struggled with breastfeeding and even tho we are still finding our way, almost a month and a half later, we are still doing it. No-one said it would be easy, but people make it seem like it is. Please, new momma's, don't fret, don't stress, and don't worry. Get help from La Leche League, they are all over the world. If you can get a pump, please do, and pump as much as you can after he feeds, in between feedings. Make sure you get plenty of water, rest/sleep when he naps, take fenugreek (you will smell funky), eat oatmeal, drink mothers milk tea and if you can afford to, get milkmakers cookies. All of these things will help with your supply and  La Leche League can help you to try and fix latching issues, and other things. :)  Plus the support of other moms who are/have struggled, is a big relief to most.

Other than those trials Allah is giving me, alhamdullilah, things are good. Just an adjustment to a new person in my husband and I's world! :)

I hope you all are doing well!

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